The Ever Popular Thai Bouillabaisse

Ah, the bouillabaisse. The dish that sits upon the throne as a guest favorite ever since Chef Covelli first released the Sage dining menu in January of 2019. Unlike the traditional style bouillabaisse originating from France, the Thai Bouillabaisse melds the beauty of two cuisines into one eclectic and oh so delicious dish.

Before we can fully understand what sort of love child Covelli has crafted, we must first dive a bit deeper into what the bouillabaisse is and how by tweaking things slightly, this classic French dish is mirrored, crafted and executed to his standards.

A traditional bouillabaisse is a complex fish soup stemming from the Mediterranean coast of France, consisting of fish, shellfish, and a cornucopia of spices. Once the star studded cast has been assembled, the ingredients are boiled together with fish stock and thickened slightly with garlic paste, red pepper, bread crumbs. For a traditional recipe check out our fellow foodies on Epicurious and their take on the classic here. And this is where Covelli throws caution to the wind.

The Thai Bouillabaisse follows protocol when it comes to the addition of fresh fish, scallops and lobster, including an array of other fresh seafood which rotates each season in an effort to offer only the highest quality of sustainable ingredients. Sautéed with lotus rice, tri-color peppers, carrots and zucchini, it’s then finished with a delectable spicy red Thai coconut curry sauce, making a unique dish which began its 5,834-mile trek from France to Thailand and finally to the dining room tables of Sage.

Being that this dish is the only player to remain on the dinner menu since 2019, throughout full menu overhauls every three months or so, we asked Chef Covelli about his creation and why it has solidified itself as a key component on the Sage menu.

“This dish is a big hit with our guests. Lots of chefs change things up and this is a perfect example of how we like to tweak traditional dishes and make them our own. Like America itself, the kitchen is a melting pot of cultures and it was fun to kind of step out of the box and create something different.” - Chef Covelli

The take-away from all of this - don’t be afraid to take a chance on different cultures and their cuisines. What you discover just might surprise you.

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